Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"My Muslim Faith..." and lipstick on a pig.

It should have been obvious to everyone, when VP candidate Sara Palin made the joke comparing hockey moms to pit bulls, that the small minded and poor losers would turn her joke into an insult.

Palin: “You know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey Mom? Lipstick!”
A few days later, while discussing the McCain/Palin platform, Obama made the following statement:

“You can put lipstick on a pig…{the crowd, instantly realizing the reference, gets restless} but it’s still a pig!”

He then added another insult clearly aimed at McCain: “You can wrap an old fish in paper and call it change, but it still stinks.”

Interestingly, only days before, Obama had slipped and said “my Muslim faith.” And then he goes and insults a well loved Christian woman by calling her a pig.

It reminds me of the Islamist extremists who called Christian and Jews pigs and monkeys. Taken in that light, the insult of Palin sounds like an extremist Muslim insult. Doesn’t it?

Now, Obama is trying to claim that he had uttered the cliché as a joke about policy. He wants women to believe that he was not insulting Palin, even though it was clear by the audience reaction that they all knew it refered to Palin. In fact, the democratic party had started referring to Palin as "lipstick on a pig" as far back as August 30.

You'd have to be an absolute idiot to not realize that it was in fact an insult of Sara Palin. Because right after the "lipstick" reference, he immediately went on to mention "an old fish". If the lipstick on a pig quote refers to Palin, then it's clear that the "old fish" reference refers to McCain, whose age has been constantly attacked as a detriment to the candidacy.

There is no denying that the arrogant Obama, stunned by his sudden negative turn in luck that now has him losing the race, is lashing out.

I'd have to say that the real pig in the race is the mysoginist pig named Barack Hussein Obama.

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Thed-litical said...

I would actually agree that Obama was making his comment in reference to what Palin said at the RNC. i still don't see what the big deal about is?!?!? There has been lots of mudslinging this elections cycle. That was just some more. It was clever, you must admit... right?

As for Obama saying "my muslim faith"... both Obama and McCain have said things that they obviously didn't mean or have been taken out of context..."the fundamentals of our economy are strong" or "I'm against the bailout..." until tomorrow? or certain foreign leaders not matching up with the countries they actually lead. Right?

I think it's important to assume the "best" of both candidates, look at what each of them propose to do, and see how workable a leader we think they'd be, and stop being just "against" one candidate or the other.