Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bugger off, loud mouth British idiots.

In response to British wonk Jonathon Freedland, who warns America that we had better vote for Obama, because

"The World's verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man they yearn

An America that that disdains Obama for his global support risks turning the current anti-Bush feeling into something much worse."

How dare you write a critique of the American presidential campaign in which you try to persuade—or is it warn—Americans that the world is demanding Barack Obama, and Americans had better give them what they want? And then you go on to imply that we had better elect him so the world doesn’t think we’re racists…Who do you think you are?

You are so out of touch with the reality within this country that your article is truly laughable. The liberals here are literally comparing Obama to Jesus, but he is an empty suit. He is former drug user and dropout, who slept in alleys until local communists found him and began to lift him up. Yes, he then managed to go to a good college where he did nothing noteworthy.

Then he was—ooooh! Shiver me timbers! He was a community organizer! A rabble rouser. Nothing more.

And then he was supported by the local Chicago machine to run for state office, where he voted “Present” more than “Yes” or “No” combined. He did nothing noteworthy.

And then he was pushed toward the senate, and since his opposition faltered early on, Obama was unopposed. And in Senate, he is totally un-noteworthy.

So, you European clods would dare to push a no good, arrogant wanna-be Messiah on us, without even thinking about how much worse that sort of inexperience and idealism could be for the world than what we have currently. Leftist idealism has resulted in nearly all of the world’s greatest tragedies, and we are not fooled.

As for your article…you say that Africa, Russia, the Middle East want Obama and then say that if it was “up to the free world”…are you nuts? Russia, Africa, and the Middle East are the free world?

This is the same "free world" that still finds it easier to believe that Americans killed their own people on Sept 11, 2001 instead of the obvious and true fact that it was a conspiracy by foreign Islamist terrorists in al Qaeda. Why would we give a damn what you think?

When you European pansies grow some balls and start defending yourselves from the foreign invasion that is destroying your culture and your national resolve, then we’ll talk.

Meanwhile, go back to your gay marriages and high taxes and massive welfare and leave us alone. We haven’t cared one wit for your opinion on our political affairs since July 4, 1776.

Bugger off, you socialist bastard.

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cbr said...

Reminds me of the joke about the French WWII rifle for sale in a local newspaper:

Like new antique French Army Rifle: Dropped once, and never fired.