Friday, September 19, 2008

Modern Liberals and the "Neo-Massa Cult"

I’ve got just a quick note for the conservative commentators: you guys keep missing the most important points in the speeches made by the left!

I am seeing a real hullabaloo being made about Michelle Obama’s speech in which she had advised voters to make their choices based on issues, and not to cast a vote because “she’s cute.”

Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with her saying that. Get off her back! Weeks before, conservatives were criticizing the voters who wanted to vote for Obama simply because he is considered “handsome” by some women, or simply because he is Black by others. Michelle was right. There are probably some voters who are enamored of Palin because she has a great personality and is “cute”—not to say that she is not a solid intellectual, also—but her attractiveness can be a big factor.

But please, pay closer attention to everything that Michelle Obama said! Michelle did us all a favor and revealed something absolutely crucial about her liberal, leftist mentality. The full quote, before the “cute” reference, was that voters should consider the candidate that best serves “your personal interests”.

How far have the Democrats fallen? Barack Obama likes to be compared to President Jack Kennedy, but let us remember that Kennedy extolled Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

The Obamas are peddling the exact opposite message from the Kennedys! The Obamas are telling the voters: “Vote for the guy who will give you stuff for free. Vote for the guy with the handouts.”

The destructiveness of this perspective is obvious. It’s like Obama wants to be the national crack dealer. “Vote for me, man, I’ll make you feel good. I’ll give you some rock for Free. We’ll tax the rich the guys to pay for your fix!”

And liberals will defend this by making quaint and absurd statements that actually compare Obama to Jesus: "Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor."

The second issue that comes to mind was John McCain’s visit on ABC’s The View. I mentioned this in yesterday’s blog, but it seems worth mentioning again, in the context of the new Michelle Obama quote.

In a exchange between McCain and the women co-hosts about what kind of judges he would appoint, McCain said he would appoint constitutionalist judges. Most commentators focused on the perceived ignorance of Whoopi’s question—an issue I addressed yesterday. But I want to focus more on the comments of co-host Joy Behar, below:

Goldberg: “Do I have to worry about being returned to slavery because certain
things in the constitution had to be changed?”

McCain: “That’s an excellent point, Whoopi, {loud audience applause for Goldberg} I thank you.”

Goldberg:“I got scared!”

Joy Behar: {laughing} “She saw herself back on the plantation! Don’t worry, honey, we’ll take care of you, us white folk we’ll take care of you!”
{Black Co-host Sherri Shepherd reacted by actually hiding her head in apparent embarrassment.}

Analyze Behar’s response in conjunction with the previous comments of Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama:“Vote for the guy who serves your personal interest.”
Joy Behar:“Don’t worry, honey, us white folk, we’ll take care of you.”

Can it be any clearer, folks?

Can’t you people see the inherent racist and infantile dogma that is being sold to you like snake oil? At the same time Democrats blast capitalists for “selfishly” striving for success and amassing personal wealth, they contradictorily offer excuses and compensation for failure, and encourage the populace to hold their cap in their hand and wait for Uncle Sam to give them their due. Instead of demanding self-respect and responsibility of our population, the Democrats are selling indulgences, governmental pardon for irresponsibility, laziness, and victim mentality.

Hell, let's say it like it is: the leftists are subsidizing stupidity and laziness instead of demanding that people take responsibility for their actions and use their God-given talents to achieve success!

It is a political form of the psychological regresso ad uterum—the return to the
womb—which, in the terms of Black society, now appears to be a longing for a
return to the “Massa’s” patronistic protection, a nostalgic yearning for the

Perhaps the anthem for the Obama campaign should be the Stephen Foster tune, Suwanee River;

Way down upon de S’wanee ribber, Far,
far away, Dere's wha my heart is
turning ebber, Dere's wha de old folks stay.
All up and down de whole
creation Sadly I roam, Still longing for de old
And for de old folks at home.
All de world am sad and dreary, ebry
where I roam,
Oh! Darkeys how I my heart grows weary,
Far from the de old folks at home…
Is that what is going on?

Is the African American ATLAH ministry, led by Pastor Manning, correct in their assessment that Barack Obama is an unworthy socialist who is selling the Black community a neo-communist a wealth re-distribution plan?

“The person who is running on this wealth distribution plan is Barack Hussein Obama. His wealth distribution plan has got a lot of people talking…I want you to look at how misguided the Church is regarding its understanding of the …scripture… we need to be armed with the word of God. Now that’s Obama’s plan for America…you should take from the wealthy and give to the poor…
But is that what Jesus would do? … Absolutely not. If you are poor, and
you are given a talent and you don’t use it, you don’t get to take the rich man’s money and spend it. You don’t get any welfare programs, you don’t get any social services programs…you don’t get that in Jesus’s plan… If you don’t use your talents in the right way, what you have will be taken from you and given to the rich! …
Jesus is saying, ‘You are lazy. And if you don’t use your talent, I’m not gonna take the wealthy man’s…I’m not going to take Exxon’s money and give it to you! Cause I gave you a talent and you haven’t used it. ... If you’d use your talent the way you’re should have used it, you’d be the one with Exxon’s money. I’m gonna take your poverty and give it to Exxon and send you to hell! …that’s the way it ought to be.
Someone has to come along and say to us; ‘No, that wealth redistribution model is wrong! It’s anti-God, it’s anti-Bible, it’s anti-word, and it’s anti-personal development as well. We can get the government to subsidize us…and it makes us lazy, it makes us wicked.” --Pastor Manning
Of course Pastor Manning is decried and slandered, accused of being an "Uncle Tom" by the very left that screams about racism everywhere else.

I am tired of the media missing these highly revealing commentaries that really clear away the confusion about what the Obama supporters are really proposing. And what’s more, the politicians—especially McCain—cannot afford to simply smile at the camera and not take people like Behar to task when they hear this kind of commentary. It should not be allowed that white liberals accuse conservatives of racism and discrimination, when it is the liberals who are openly telling Blacks that they cannot take care of themselves and they need the patronizing support of their liberal white friends!

The liberal socialists are promoting a cult of dependency, much in the same way that racist Southerners rationalized slavery by saying that Blacks were not intelligent enough to survive without their Masters--or "Massas" as they were called in the colloquial pronunciation.

Now, they don't see it that way. Of course not. They think it is "compassionate" to take from the rich and give to the poor. They think Robin Hood is a hero--not a thief! They idolize Fidel Castro, who essentially established an island of slaves, but hey: "They have free medical care!" They worship Pancho Villa because he promised land and dignity for the Indians--even though what he brought was war and killing.

At some point, it will have to become self evident that the "Neo-Massa Cult" is racism dressed in Socialist ribbons and bows.

And then all the press will be talking about how awful it is, and "why didn't anyone warn us?!"
***{Additional Information*** One of today's most interesting headlines is about the foul mouthed Sandra Bernhard's tirade against Sarah Palin, which she repeatedly calls her vulgar names, but most interestingly, says that if Palin went to New York she would be "gang raped" by the "black brothers." So, we have a white, liberal Jewess perpetuating the stereotype of Blacks as rapists...and where is the Liberal outrage? Silence from the left. Yet another example of racism that is forgiven if it's from a lib!"

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Thed-litical said...

Ok...let's take a deep breath here...

I think that the democrats (& Obama) want to level the playing field just a bit and not just "hand-outs." If you can "do more" for you country let's say, in the form of paying a slightly higher tax rate if you are making more than 250K, why is this such a problem?

Or if we ALL are paying too much for health care, why not come up with some system in order to make it more affordable and accessible to all?

Or if college costs have risen faster than the average working income can afford, why it would be such a bad idea to not just "hand-out" tuition but to award it in exchange for some "help" in the form of civil services?

I don't think that Obama and the democrats have ALL the answers to our nations problems but i do think they offer some better solutions to the difficulties we all face.

$700billion is what's on the table now for many of the banks that at best, can be said acted "irresponsibly". This, to me, is not much different from what Obama and the Dems have suggested for Americans that may find themselves in a "financial crisis."

As for the "Goldberh vs. McCain" exchange...i think it was a bit "over the top." I think the comedian in Whoopi got out during a serious discussion. Wasn't funny to me either though.