Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Indoctrination of Obama Youth

I'm not going to say much this time. I'm going to let the following links do the talking for me.

Obama youth

“Listen to your children” Obama ad using a child to spread Obama propaganda

Obama youth Fridays

Pro-Obama kids propaganda video
Yes You Can (he can change everything. He gives people around the world a dream. The future doesn’t look good for us. It’s maybe our last chance.)

More kids endorsing Obama

Yes We Can song

African American youth symbols to support Obama

Denver Metro State professor indoctrinates students and started a fight

Communist youth rally in San Francisco

Christian camp indoctrinating children
(“I want to see them radically laying down their lives for the Gospel, as they do in Pakistan, and Israel and Palestine…”
“We’re being trained to be warriors, except in a funner way.”)

Indoctrination of Palestinian Youth:

Chavista students “Nationalism, Socialism or Death!” (scroll to 0:40 seconds; “Patria socialism o muerte!”)

Little girl indoctrinated by Chavez government

Hitler Youth:

Dead Can Dance “Indoctrination

In times of great vexation
When one must choose
between what’s right and wrong
Freedom, so they say,
Amounts to the choices you have made
Through all the arbitrary rationale concerning liberty
Freedom, I must say,
Exists within unconditioned minds
Reason has come of age
How can you be satisfied with things the way they are
When all that surrounds us now and so much more
Remains inside the keeper’s dark embrace?
The insatiable thirst for power has made
Idols out of mortals, gods into clay
Soldiers into heroes, children into slaves
All damned
Their hopes betrayed
Who will suffer the laws
That state can decide your child’s education
Unless you pay the price? Refrain (x2)
Who will suffer their laws? Who will suffer their minds?
Who will suffer their words? Who will suffer their designs?

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Anonymous said...

Is that what Obama is talking about when he mentions early childhood education?