Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News Flash: Nancy Pelosi is a victim!

I saw an interesting article about Nancy Pelosi and went to the Lynn Sweet blog to read it...

Now, before you bash away at me as a "neo-con", or "mysoginist", keep in mind that I have been a Democrat for most of my life. I still have a Democrat voter registration card in my wallet.

But I've grown disgusted with the idiocy that has taken over the party, so I'll be changing party affiliations for this fall's election.

Meanwhile, the article in question reported Nancy Pelosi's statement about her being a victim of sexism. This statement reminded me of a brilliant article I read recently by Dennis Prager, which you should read. In short, Prager points to a study that indicated that Feminism itself has trained women to perceive themselves as victims. The study's author said that "the study found that girls who had a better understanding of feminism were more likely to recognize sexual harassment." Prager agrees, because, as he said "Girls subjected to feminist indoctrination are undoubtedly more likely to interpret innocuous behavior as sexual harassment. "

All you have to do is look at the definition of "sexual harassment" put forth by the study and you should see some immediate issues:
"The most commonly reported forms of sexual harassment were unwanted romantic attention, demeaning gender-related comments, teasing based on their appearance, and unwanted physical contact."

Now, let's see if we can deconstruct this:
If a boy likes a girl,but she doesn't like him, and he asks her out on a date--she should perceive herself as a victim of sexual harrassment.
If a girl is teased because she is a foot taller than her male counterparts, or dresses like a clown--she should perceive herself as a victim of sexual harrassment.
And if a male places his hand on her shoulder and she doesn't want this--she should perceive herself as a victim of sexual harrassment.

Democrats, wake up!

Can't you see how Pelosi's latest festival of self-pity follows in the wake of the comments by Ferraro, Obama, Kerry, Clinton, etc? To hear people like this--who have acquired (through democratic processes) positions such as Senator, Presidential Candidate, Representative, Speaker of the House, etc--whine and complain about how they're victims of "racism", "agism", "sexism", or whatever else is just pathetic. None of these factors kept you from becoming Senator, representative etc, but suddenly NOW they stopped you? The voters supported you before, but maybe now they don't.

How about a little honest introspection? What have YOU done differently or ineffectively?

Nancy, you are an idiot. Not a "stupid woman"...just an idiot. And by that I don't mean that you aren't intelligent--you could never have gotten to the position you're in by being a totally brainless twit. But clearly you do not think before you speak or act.

Is it sexist to suggest that your trip to Syria was STUPID? No. It was a dumb mistake. You made your party (my old party) look like idiots, since you were in such a hurry to try to highlight Bush's lack of diplomatic skill/will that you made yourself (and the Dems) look like naive children. Why did you stop with Syria? Why not do the Carter thing and go kiss Hamas leaders? Why not go to Iraq to meet with and kiss al-Qaida leaders? Oh, that's obviously stupid. Going to Syria was only a LITTLE stupid. You couldn't see at the time what bad judment it was.

So, you get back and are severely bashed for your mistake, and your defense is that you are a victim of sexism. Right...well, hey what can be expected of you, Nancy? You were TAUGHT to see yourself as a victim.

Hillary made a load of stupid mistakes that cost her dearly. And yet her response is to whine about being a victim.

What a great thing "women's liberation" did for you!

And Obama, who has befriended radical anti-Americans, made a show of NOT wearing a lapel pin (he's clearly trying to set himself apart from the rest of the Senate that DOES where one), and makes statements belittling the average American--and then when he is criticized, he evokes the specter of racism.

I guarantee that as long as you see yourself as a victim, that belief will be reaffirmed time and again. See yourself as a victor, and again, you will see that reaffirmed time and again.

I think it's hilarious: the Democrats are victims of their own victim theology. You've fallen down, and can't get up.

Who's fault is that? YOURS.

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