Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's profound contempt for America

During the Mexican presidential election of 2006, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was alleged to have attempted to change the election results through various means, in the hope of helping his political ally, Lopez Obrador, win the presidency. Obrador lost the election, however, in part because Chavez’s underhanded shenanigans were discovered and revealed to the very nationalistic and proud Mexican public that vehemently rejects any kind of foreign interference in its internal affairs.

Within days of Obrador’s loss, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez publicly stated that the election had been “stolen”. The Mexican president at the time, Vicente Fox, immediately acted in accordance to expectations of any standing president. Representing his nation, he publicly denounced Chavez’s criticism of his country, its laws and electoral results, as unacceptable interference:

Mexico has decided who will be its next President…Mexico strengthens its
institutions, and for this reason we reject these criticisms, especially since
they come from a Head of State of an ally. It is very clear that Mexico
has its own laws, its own Constitution, and its own institutions…that are strong
and capable.

The candidate who won that election, and who was defended by President Fox, was none other than Felipe Calderón, the Mexican president who we just saw at the White House this past week, making declarations against American immigration policy and denouncing the sovereign decisions of the State of Arizona, with the shameful complicity of Barack Obama.

To get a full grasp of the importance of this event, I must explain a few things about Latin America’s perspectives.

A president is seen as the “Head of State”—that does not mean that he is just the leader of the government, it means that he is the symbolic representative of the people of his nation. It is expected that a Head of State behave at all times in a manner that exudes dignity, respect, and shines a favorable light upon the nation’s patriotic heritage. It is understood that a Head of State should treat both his allies and his opponents (both domestic and international) with respect. And it is understood that a Head of State may respectfully critique his own country, its laws, but it is expected that a Head of State, when dealing with other nations, proudly display his nation in its best light, and never undermine his own nation’s dignity.

The notion of sovereignty to Latin American presidents is of utmost importance. Just like the United States of America, Mexico and the other Latin American nations started as colonies of powerful European empires. Their people, like ours, were subjected to injustices that eventually became unbearable. Like America, they waged bloody revolutions to gain their freedom, and like America, they take great pride in the blood spilt for their freedom.

Latin American nations are therefore fiercely defensive of any perceived slight from foreign nations who dare to criticize their internal affairs and suggest how to do things differently.

President Fox’s respectful but firm response to the arrogant and undermining commentary by Chavez was to be expected. The Mexican people would have been sorely disappointed had their Head of State not responded firmly. Decorum allows for foreign presidents to comment on international issues, to criticize international policies or economic agreements, but any foreign leader who dares to criticize the internal affairs of a sovereign nation like Mexico is rejected, in the same way any person would reject unwanted criticism of his family’s private affairs by a stranger on the street.

More importantly, any visiting Head of State is like a guest in someone else's home. He is treated with utmost respect, but to one to whom much is given, much is expected. Imagine the scandal if a dinner guest were to lecture his hosts for their children’s behavior, or to disparage the home’s décor, or to question the honor of the host’s wife.

I cannot imagine that Mexico would ever tolerate the presence of a visiting Head of State who, when invited to the National Palace, took that opportunity to criticize Mexico’s sovereign internal affairs.

Any American President that stood before the cameras and called Mexican laws “discriminatory”, as Calderón did on his visit to the White House, would be savaged by the Mexican press and protested by the Mexican populace. An apology would be expected, and if not received, diplomatic relations would be severely strained.

It is a sad testament that the man who calls himself President of the United States of America, the increasingly dubious Mr. Obama, actually invited a foreign Head of State to the White House lawn with the explicit intent of having that foreign leader criticize the internal and sovereign affairs of the United States of America, and of Arizona in particular. Mr. Obama failed in his role as Head of State to present his own nation in its best light, as he has sadly done repeatedly around the world. It is a betrayal of the reasonable expectations of the noble American people, a treacherous insult to the dignity of this great nation.

Mr. Obama then rubbed salt in the wound when he invited President Calderón to speak before Congress and repeat his insolent criticism of Arizona and Federal immigration laws. A disgusting portion of the American Congress failed in its duty to represent the American people when they rose to give a standing ovation in response to President Calderón’s criticism of a law that is supported by as much as 73% of American citizens!

Our President is not acting as a Head of State. Mr. Obama has clearly failed to grasp that he is expected to nobly represent the entire nation, not just a tiny minority. Mr. Obama’s behavior once again illustrates his profound contempt for the nation he was elected to lead.


Anonymous said...

is that 73% of ANGLO American citizens??????

Given our country's extensive history of blatant racism it is understandable how some conservative Anglo Americans fail to see that there is nothing wrong with a law that targets a specific race in the community.

Our head of state, who is of mixed race clearly sees there is an issue with police harassing citizens of Latino descent.

In a state where MLK holiday was not recognized it should be of no surprise to anyone that this law has passed.

A lot of blood was spilled during the civil rights movement it is a shame that Arizona has taken a step back to that era.

Jingoism/Racism = Arizona

Anonymous said...

The notion that 73% of Americans support a law that is discriminatory is complete BS show me prove that number is a fact and not something you pulled out of your ass! Man it bothers me when extremists from all sides throw numbers at random without any proper documentation do they think that any rational person would believe their lies!