Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corruption investigation brewing: Obama in trouble?

As Obama’s presidency falters, with his popularity ratings crashing (latest polls have him between 42% and 48% as of May 26th, 2010), it is becoming increasingly clear that the regime must take steps to forestall a slaughter at the polls in the upcoming November elections that could see the Democrats lose control of one or both houses of Congress.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is a growing pattern that suggests that someone within the Obama administration has been trying to tinker with local elections by offering jobs to entice Democrat candidates to withdraw from primaries in order to shore up the candidates the Whitehouse prefers. This is a crime under federal law, and could explode into a major issue for Obama. More seriously, if Obama knew of the effort, it would be an impeachable offense—and you can bet your boots and saddle that if the Republicans managed to take control of the House or Senate, there will be hearings to investigate the charges.

Even the major national media—generally left leaning and eager to ignore any blemishes on their beloved president—is beginning to notice. The most widely reported scandal involves Joe Sestak, who has publicly and repeatedly claimed that he was offered a job by the Whitehouse if he would withdraw from the race against Arlen Specter (the former Republican who realized he could not beat the Republican challenger in a runoff so he agreed to switch parties and vote for Obama’s Healthcare plan, in exchange for Obama’s support in the upcoming election). Sestak rejected the job offer, ran against Specter, and beat him. But now his public comments about the job offer are creating a maelstrom.

The dodgy offer was not a single event, however. The Colorado gubernatorial race also saw some of the attention, when Democratic candidate Andrew Romanoff received a call from Obama’s deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, who allegedly offered a job at USAID. Unlike Sestak, Romanoff mentioned names and the offered job, lending even more credibility to the allegation.

Remember that Obama also tried to push New York Democratic Governor Patterson to step out of the race, a third indication that, in these desperate times, the Whitehouse is eager to meddle in local elections in order to shore up its support.

Those are just three examples, each supporting the notion that the Obama Whitehouse may be violating federal law in order to maintain its power. Democrats in Congress are rejecting requests (by Republicans Issa & Steele, as well as Democrat Dick Durban) to answer questions or open a probe.

But this is precisely the kind of issue that can work against Obama in the mid-term elections, and should Republicans take power of Congress, Obama almost certainly will find himself being investigated and probed by Republicans at the same time he will have to prepare for the 2012 election.

Even MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is wading in now, accusing the media of "media malpractice" for not taking this issue more seriously. Uh-Oh-bama! If you are even losing your traditional lapdog media you know you are in real trouble!!!
Good work, Joe!

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