Friday, November 6, 2009

Press and President cover for Muslim murderers and terrorists

As details surrounding yesterday’s mass murder at Ft. Hood, TX are rapidly revealed, a pattern is already being exposed—not only in the behavior and speculated motivations behind the attack, but also in the treatment of the story by the mass media.

What we know:
1. The shooter is Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan
2. Hasan is a US born Muslim
3. Hasan received his Psychiatric training through the army, and treated US vets returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, most recently at the Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood after being transferred from Walter Reed Medical Center
4. Hasan had been disciplined for a number of incidents in which he proselytized the Islamic faith to his patients
5. Eye witnesses have reported that Hasan had made a number of statements about the wars, stating that “we have no business over there” (referring to Iraq and Afghanistan). After the Muslim attack on the Army recruiting station in Arkansas last June (perpetrated by an American convert to Islam, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad), was overheard saying that “maybe this is what more Muslims need to do, stand up and attack the enemy” (implying that the “enemy” in his view was the United States Armed Forces in which he was serving)
6. Hasan had complained that he was being “harassed” for his Islamic beliefs and had contracted a military lawyer
7. Hasan got into frequent arguments with other soldiers who supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and apparently had hoped that President Obama would remove our troops from those countries
8. Hasan had just received orders to deploy to one of the war zones (there are conflicting reports that it was Iraq, others say Afghanistan), and had “been mortified” about that deployment and was trying to fight it to avoid service in the Middle East
9. Hasan had come to the attention of federal law enforcement officials six months ago because of “Internet postings that discussed suicide bombings. The officials said they are still trying to confirm that he was the author…One of the Web postings…equates a suicide bomber to a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of his comrades.”
10. The day before the attacks, Hasan had emptied his apartment, giving away many of his possessions including Qu’rans
11. Hasan had been seen on video surveillance tapes entering a nearby convenience store in “full Muslim attire” the morning of the attack (to their credit, CNN did provide the video of Hasan in Muslim garb in the convenience store, the day after the attack)
12. Hasan yelled “God is Great” in Arabic as he began the attacks
13. He used to side arms in the attack and killed 12, wounded 31 (mostly) unarmed soldiers

From this information, we can begin the dangerous job of speculating about Hasan’s motive: he was a disenchanted Muslim who disagreed with US foreign policy, sympathized with the Muslim enemy in the war zones, apologized for Muslim acts of terror and verbalized his support for the murder of US troops in the United States, prepared himself for the attack as if he knew he would not survive, and chose to attack soldiers in a setting in which there would be many unarmed targets.

In short, it is a classic example of Islamic terrorism against US soldiers by a Muslim extremist.

But that is not the information you will get from many of the mainstream media who are feverishly attempting to be politically correct and cover for his actions.

On a National Public Radio broadcast yesterday, about six hours after the attack, I heard the host (I don’t recall his name) discuss the issue and carefully pronounce the Major’s Arabic name, but then he and a female reporter specifically pointed out that “Hasan is a United States soldier and a US citizen, he’s not a foreigner”. They appeared to take pains to avoid mention of Hasan’s Muslim faith or outrageous statements against the United States that were already being reported by the AP, FOX, and other sources. Later, reporters for NPR actually changed the pronunciation of his name, anglicizing it and they further sterilized the reporting to avoid any mention of his Muslim identity.

Similarly, NBC reporter Brian Williams and a reporter at the scene discussed the issue in detail—except they never mentioned that he was Muslim, nor did they touch on one single relevant detail about his outrageous and traitorous comments, instead focusing on the speculation that, because he had dealt with soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorders, he may have suffered from stress. What’s more, CNN reporters were overheard mentioning his “harassment” complaints, but studiously avoided mentioning the complaints against him for his comments.

After being advised about the brutal killings, the White House announced that they would speak out about the situation, and President Obama—fully aware that a deadly attack against unarmed military personnel had killed 13 people—went live with a light-hearted commentary in which, instead of somberly speaking about the events, he focused instead on cheerful praise of Native American leaders at the Tribal Nations Conference. His behavior was appalling, and should be considered Obama’s “Katrina moment”.

Obama’s inconsiderate and dispassionate response must be considered in conjunction with his total inability to formulate a strategy for the conflict in Afghanistan, and his shameful disrespect for the requests for additional troops that were formally submitted months ago. He called the terrorist attack a “horrific outburst of violence”, yet another attempt to downplay domestic acts of terror perpetrated by Muslims against our citizens.

So what is it with the media that appears to actively attempt to downplay violent acts by Muslims in this country in an effort to make them look like random acts of violence, or aberrations by imbalanced individuals, instead of what they are: terrorist acts perpetrated by Muslims who live in this country while considering the nation and its people as their mortal enemies? They are complicit in an insidious cover-up, a form of news sanitization, and are not only covering for an inept, incompetent and unpatriotic President, but for the enemy that is killing our citizens.

Keep in mind that these are the same media and politicians who labeled Tea Party protestors "extremists", "terrorists", "Nazis", and who warned America to be vigilant for "home-grown terrorists" and new "Timothy McVeighs" (implying that we should be suspicious of conservatives and returning military). A Democrat even called conservatives "Taliban" this past week. All of this was picked up and gleefully covered by the same out-of-touch media who now bend over backward to hide Hasan's Muslim identity and his Jihadist motives.

***Update 1***

I just remembered another recent controversy that seems relevant to this issue. Remember how the Democrats were so keen to pass hate-crime bills that protect homosexuals and others with bizarre sexual proclivities, but refused to provide similar protection for military members?

"In a recent Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrats voted against excluding pedophiles from hate crime protection in a new crime bill. At the same hearing, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) lambasted Republicans for trying to add protections for veterans in the same bill. No such outrage was voiced against the protection for pedophiles. " It also brings to mind the history surrounding the "Beltway Sniper", Liberal media rounded up panels of "experts" who promoted the notion that the sniper was most likely a white conservative acting alone and then buried the facts surrounding the real killer, John Muhammed, when it was learned that he was an American convert to Islam who murdered innocent people as a form of Jihad.

The media would neither want to consider this type of violence against our military citizens as neither an act of terror, nor a hate crime. It's just a little tragedy, folks. No need to be outraged.

Maybe we have to ask ourselves, as the Liberals did after 9/11: "What did we do to deserve this"?!

***Update 2***

Obama has issued a request that we "urged people not to jump to conclusions while law enforcement officers investigate the shootings. " What?! So now analyzing the evidence for Hasan's activities, of which there is there is more than enough, is "jumping to conclusions"?

We have just learned that Hasan filled out a form for his mosque that he claimed "Palestinian" nationality, even though he was a US citizen! (Who is surprised?)

AND Newsweek has now published an article in which the author, Andrew Bast, attempts to make the claim that Hasan was a victim of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) even though he has never seen combat. "Hasan's perspective is unknown. He had yet to fight abroad. But the accusations against him can't help but bring to mind the violence scarring military bases all over the country after the duration of two long, brutal wars." To the contrary, you brainless twit, his perspective is already widely known. This may be the clearest example yet of how some Liberal journalists, instead of acting as "investigators", finding and following evidence to a logical conclusion, come to their own biased conclusions without regard to the evidence and instead pervert the evidence in order to support their own political agendas.

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