Thursday, October 29, 2009

The threats against conservatives

CNN’s Lou Dobbs has reported recently that a gunman fired a shot at his home while his wife was outside the home and entering her automobile. Dobbs stated that the mass media and pro-immigration groups such as LULAC and the National Council of La Raza have “created an atmosphere and they’ve been unrelenting in their propaganda” against him, a statement that appears to connect their activities and the life-threatening attack against his family. The shot was not an isolated event; it “followed weeks and weeks of threatening phone calls.”

As pointed out by NewsBusters author Jeff Poor, the Obama administration has been alerting the nation to their perceived threat that conservative rhetoric could lead to violence. But the attack on the Dobbs family reveals a very real threat that Liberal rhetoric also may instigate violence against individuals speaking out against the Obama administration policies.

Given these facts, one would assume that Dobbs’ assertion would be headline news—at the very least at CNN. Yet a visit to homepage found no references to the events. What’s more, a search within the CNN pages returned not a single article on the attack. Think about that: one of CNN’s premier anchors and managing editors received death threats and even had a shot fired at his home, yet CNN did not apparently find that noteworthy!

While the attack on Dobbs is both concerning and shocking, CNN’s silence on the issue is stunning. One cannot imagine that CNN would remain silent if a right-wing nut threatened the life of, and fired shots at, CNN minority reporters such as Soledad O’Brien. So why the silence about the threat to Dobbs? Is it because Dobbs has taken a stance that is contrary to the clearly Liberal political stance that CNN now espouses? Could the network that has tasked O’Brien with “Black in America” and “Hispanic in America” find Dobbs’ anti-illegal-immigration stance so distasteful that they think he brought it upon himself or somehow deserves assassination?

During his October 28th radio program, talk show host and FOX commentator Glenn Beck discussed the constant threats against him, and went so far as to inform his audience that he actually considers the possibility that “something might happen” to him, that “they” might even try to shoot him, but then clarified that he believes that if something were to happen to him, “they would probably be more subtle about it”. Hinting at what he meant, he reassured his audience that he is “not suicidal, and my brakes work just fine.” In other words; if he turns up dead due to “suicide” or “brake failure”, you, loyal listeners, should suspect foul play.

Has America really reached this point? Can it be that the hyperbolic propaganda and hatred by the left toward conservatives and independents has reached such a fevered pitch that they can actually rationalize the assassinations of “dangerous” influential news anchors and talk show hosts?

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Shakedown Crews said...

Here is an example of the hateful and false reporting against Dobbs: "Lou Dobbs to appear at Hate Rally"
Posted by the "Portland Progressive Examiner" author Michael Stone, the author simply accuses Dobbs of "planning to appear and speak at a hate rally, putting CNN's journalistic credibility at risk." The so-called Hate Rally was organized by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), which ONE organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, calls a hate group.

In other words, because ONE liberal organization labels a group a "hate group", it therefore becomes one. Therefore, any meeting they have is labeled a "hate rally". And because Lou Dobbs chooses to speak there, he is participating in a "hate rally", which we must assume means that he is commiting a "hate speech crime."

This same author then declares in a separate article that the "Obama war on FOX a risk worth taking".

Stone says: "By taking on Fox, Obama throws red meat to the base. Obama's progressive base knows that Fox is a tool of conservative Republicans and a force for evil."

Note the vitriolic use of bellicose terms such as "war", "red meat", and "force for evil". These are the exact types of hyperbolic phrases that drive individuals to commit acts of violence.