Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama failure at America's Summit

I listened to some of the America’s Summit speeches, in particular the statements by Nicaragua’s Ortega. No one has picked up on a very important omission by the “drive by media”. While some—including Fox and the AP—mentioned that Ortega sarcastically insulted the Summit by criticizing Cuba’s absence from the summit, what they missed was another statement he made at the same time.

Ortega stated that he didn’t support the summit because two countries were conspicuously absent. He went on to talk about Cuba, which was being punished for doing “nothing more” than stand up to the imperialist United States. That got reported, although no one challenged him on Cuba’s human rights violations.

Worse, Ortega also stated that the other nation absent was Puerto Rico, which is still “under the yoke” of the Americans, and that he “is confident” that someday PR will be freed of the imperialists and join the other free nations.

That is a clear violation of American sovereignty and was an intolerable slap to our faces, as well as an offensive distortion the fact that PR can simply vote for its independence but has chosen to remain a US territory repeatedly.

Is Obama unaware of this? Or just unconcerned?

None of those socialist leaders have tolerated even the mildest US statements about their internal issues, nor about conflicts with neighboring countries. A perfect example is the territorial disputes between Nicaragua and Colombia over several islands, or access to fishing grounds and petroleum fields. Yet when they violated US sovereignty and insulted our country, Obama remained naively quiet.

This is especially disturbing in light of the fact that Hugo Chavez has helped to organize and even fund the Separatist movement in PR through the Circulos Bolivarianos. I have Puerto Rican contacts who have attended their rallies and found Venezuelans trying to actively promote Puerto Rican independence. Obama’s silence on the issue amounts to tacit approval, and should be condemned.

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