Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bowing to kings, praising tyrants

What is going on with the Democrats?

When the colonial leaders wrote the declaration of independence, and enshrined the value that “all men are created equal”, this was a ballsy slap at King George because that simple phrase declared that the King was not better than a commoner. Kings are not entitled to rights to which the commoner is not.

From that moment on, Americans—and especially Presidents—did not bow to foreign Kings. To do so demonstrates not politeness, as some want us to believe, or humility, as Obama apparently thinks, but subservience. It is a symbolic act of weakness, not respect.

Well, here’s a change, for sure.

To quote liberal (but honest) blogger Camille Paglia about Obama:
“There has been one needless gaffe after another -- from the president's tacky appearance on a late-night comedy show to the kitsch gifts given to the British prime minister, followed by the sweater-clad first lady's over-familiarity with the queen and culminating in the jaw-dropping spectacle of a president of the United States bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia.”

Click the link to her site to see the nauseating video of Obama being submissive to the Saudi King.
The outrage about this absurd act of subservience is being blasted as naïve, stupid, and insulting. And not just by pundits like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Another blogger writes:
“When the president bows to a foreign ruler he bows for all Americans. The United States is the world's foremost republic. It is utterly inappropriate for our head of state to make a gesture of submission to any kind of foreign ruler.”
Yet another says:
“U.S. Presidents by common protocol and common sense do not bow to foreign monarchs. The entire history of America is based on a Declaration of Independence that broke with royal rule and rebuked it. Immigrants of every description came here to free themselves of the tyranny of royal rulers. When taking an oath of office or service (mine was service in the U.S. Army), Americans vow to stand against the enemies of the nation, "foreign and domestic." What are we to make of our nation's elected leader who bows to the king of a nation that spawned the vast majority of the men who perpetrated the 9/11 attack on our nation?”

This latest idiotic gaffe must be taken in context with several other events that all are occurring during the same week. We have President Obama running around Europe blaming America for the economic crisis, which is actually global in nature, and apologizing for America’s “arrogance”. In return for his best groveling, the Europeans refused to send troops to help out in Afghanistan. “Thank you, merci, gracias, now bugger off, Mr. President.”

In videos of the event, Obama is surrounded by some of the worst socialist buffoons in recent decades.

I’m disturbed to see Obama gaily cavorting with Brazil’s Lula (who just stated that the global economic crisis was the fault of the “blue eyed white people”), Argentina’s Cristina de Kirchner (who won her presidential campaign by accepting millions of dollars smuggled illegally from Hugo Chavez, undermining Argentine autonomy from that foreign autocrat), and Spain’s Zapatero (the coward who surrendered to al Qaeda’s attacks and removed troops from Iraq, then decided to sell military hardware to Chavez).

Someone should advise Obama to be aware of the revised adage: “If you lie down with Dogs, Mr. President, you’re going to infect us all with fleas.”

Next, Obama treks to Turkey, where he clarifies that America is “not now at war” with Islam—as if America had been at war with Islam but, thanks to him, no longer is. He then happily visits a mosque.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, US Congressman William Delahunt has taken a jaunt to Venezuela to visit Chavez. The Venezuelan embassy reports:

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez and US Congress Representative William Delahunt spoke for hours at the Presidential Office in Caracas, Venezuela. The democrat Massachusetts representative is currently on an official visit to Venezuela. Rep. Delahunt is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight in Washington, DC, which oversees alleged cases of US companies financing the United Self-Defense of Colombia (AUC, Spanish acronym), an extreme right paramilitary organization in the South American nation. …During his visit to Colombia, Rep. Delahunt said: “I would like to recognize the positive role of Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba and President (Hugo) Chávez. They were able to achieve a great leap forward; nevertheless, there is still a long way to go.”

This marks a new—and dangerously naïve—trend from the new administration. While the Bush administration recognized the Colombian government as being our strongest and best ally in Latin America, not only in the War on Drugs, but as a free democracy clinging to its capitalist values, to its betterment. For Delahunt to visit Colombia to praise Piedad Cordoba—an apologist and representative for the FARC terrorists—is stunning. But for him to then go to visit Chavez and try to “normalize” relations with the dictator who plots to destroy Capitalism in general, and America in particular—it’s frankly unforgivable.

But wait, there’s more! While Obama embarrasses America in Saudi Arabia, and Dellahunt undermines our values in South America, a group of representatives from the Black Congressional Congress go to Cuba and drool over the hemisphere’s worst tyrant, Fidel Castro. They were: Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) , Melvin Watt (D-N.C.), Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio), Michael M. Honda (D-San Jose) and Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach).

Reporting on their marvelous experience, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Il.) said that he had told Fidel “In my household I told Castro he is known as the ultimate survivor,” and “It was almost like listening to an old friend.”
In a quotation that is nauseatingly similar to Bush’s quip about Russian President Putin ("I looked the man in the eye. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”), Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Ca.) said Castro was receptive to President Obama’s message of turning the page in American foreign policy. She added that "He looked right into my eyes and he said, 'How can we help? How can we help President Obama?'"
Get that? A few years back, Hugo Chavez went to Papa Fidel, offered him economic support and in turn was offered “help” in Venezuela that eventually resulted in Cuban intelligence officers infiltrating the Venezuelan military, healthcare, education systems. Chavez shamelessly handed over Venezuelan sovereignty to Castro, and the country is suffering dearly for it. Now the American liberals are set to do the same thing.

Castro was later quoted as saying that “the delegation had expressed to him that a segment of American society ‘continues to be racist,’ and is at least partly to blame for the travel restrictions.” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) denies that this was ever said, claiming that “those remarks were not expressed in the meeting.”

This insignificant exchange should speak volumes about these moronic congressional “leaders”. Because either Castro told the truth, and the delegation did go to a foreign tyrant and declare that America is racist, or their beloved tyrant, in whom they are placing trust and with whom they wish to normalize relations—and who offered to help Obama—speaks with a forked tongue and is a liar.

In either case, the folly of these fools is blood chilling. And their willingness to undermine our principles, kowtow to foreign autocrats and dictators, should send a clear message that we are in dangerous times, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, after many recent post-inaururation disappointments and pre-election suspicions confirmed, Obama's actions in Europe are not suprising. What is just as galling and enfuriating as his apoligies and bow to a foreign king, is his spokesmen lying to our faces that it did not happen - that he was not bowing! Today when a few brave journalists asked about Obama's bow to the Saudi king, his mouthpieces lied saying he was not bowing, just leaning lower because the king was shorter. Thansparency and truth are not options, obviously. His minions continued lying, explaning that he just leaned forward to grasp the king's hand with both of his for a handshake. Give me a break! Even the news video shows his left hand hanging around his knees as he subserviantly GAVE the king his right hand, then he used both hands to grasp the king's. They must think we are all blind as well as stupid! Well, to a large degree (numerical majority of those voters) they are right!