Monday, January 10, 2011

Congress should be afraid: VERY afraid

The assassination attempt against Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford has deeply shocked and frightened members of congress. These were the same officials who, following the murders at Ft Hood and so many others in which US citizens were killed, issued bland statements of regrets or remorse, and of course, the desultory requests to "withhold judgment".

Today, however, many of those same officials are leaping headlong into accusatory diatribes against their political opponents, talk show hosts, and an assortment of individuals they consider to be "radical", "extreme", and of course--dangerous.

The trend this week appears to be for pundits, politicians and other soap-box prima-donnas to issue contrite speeches calling for national reflection and for everyone to eschew violence and "dangerous rhetoric".

My own take on this, however, is a little different. I do not want to promote violence, and I do hope that, as a nation, we find our way through these troubled times without violence. But I am disgusted and nauseated by the speeches of our representatives who suddenly find themselves shocked--shocked--that anyone would dare try to assassinate one of them.

These are the politicians who have quite literally spent our nation into bankruptcy, who have taken the most prosperous nation on earth, the shining beacon and last hope of freedom in our times, and emptied it of its treasure, hobbled its economy at every turn, apologized for it, publicly stated their shame and decried American "arrogance" on international stages.

These are the representatives who subscribed to the Left Wing propaganda that America was a bad country, sat in churches where racist ministers yelled, "Not God Bless America, God damn America!" Their anti-American policies then shattered the American dream, weakened us and humbled us before our enemies, left our borders open to invasion and implemented policies of reverse-discrimination against whites.

Now they wring their hands in grief and fear. Don't blame us! Don't be mad at us! Don't threaten us!

Well, whose responsibility was it to safeguard American prosperity? Who passed the bloated spending bills? Who passed bills they had not read? Who passed tax laws and then failed to obey them, relying instead on their elite status as the oligarchy, the privileged few?

The sad fact is that they are responsible for what has happened and is happening to the country. But they simply do not want to be held responsible!

The economic collapse was not just the fault of George Bush, and we all know it. It was the result of decades of irresponsible policies whose purpose was social experimentation, vote buying, and greed. They were passed by both Republican and Democrat progressives, while a few wise individuals warned of the potential dire consequences.

Now that those policies have failed, have our esteemed leaders reversed course?

HELL NO. Instead, over the past two years, they plotted a course directly toward the iceberg of bankruptcy and national insolvency, and screamed imperiously "Full speed ahead!"

So now a lunatic--not a conservative, just a nut--has shot "one of their own", and we are witness to hundreds of fat, sweaty and corrupt politicians developing cold chills as they realize that they just might be held to account.

And what is their initial response? To propose more tyrannical limitations on liberties, outlawing certain types of speech that scares them.

Banning speech will not restore the American dream. It will not reverse the course upon which those irresponsible representatives, like the drunken captain of an Exxon super tanker, have steered our nation.

Instead, they must swear to honor their oaths, to do their duties to the nation, restore the economy, and stop belittling it and apologizing for it.

Meanwhile, I for one am very glad to see members of the House of Representatives shivering in fear.

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."--Thomas Jefferson

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