Friday, August 14, 2009

My "Turn in Pelosi for 'Disinformation' Email"

And here is the content of the email I sent reporting Nancy Pelosi's "Disingormation Campaign":

To the esteemed manager of the Flag effort to identify disinformation about the Obama Healthcare Plan, I found a site where there is consistent and blatant disinformation.

It is the Web Page of Nancy Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi has published false statements that clash with the facts.

She says:
“that we are moving closer to a place where we will lower costs, we will improve the quality of care, we will expand choices, and we will give peace of mind to the American people”

The falsehoods are:
1. Because the bill appears to be stalled, the statement that “we are moving closer” is purposely misleading.
2. According to the Congressional Accounting Office, the Obama plan will not only not decrease costs, but will increase costs. So this statement is purposely misleading
3. Mrs. Pelosi states that “we will improve the quality of care”. This is yet to be seen, but analysts examining the bill have concluded that the direct result of the bill will be rationing and a reduction of care, which is the opposite of “improving the quality of care.” So this statement is also misleading.
4. Mrs. Pelosi then states that: “the CBO has reported and disputed claims by the Republicans about what our legislation will do”. However, the CBO released a report estimating the cost of a leading healthcare reform proposal at more than $1 trillion, but that figure looked only at a portion of the bill. The analysis falls just within the most expensive cost scenario sketched out by Democratic leaders in recent days, but does not include an estimate for a highly contentious government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers. The CBO has actually disputed claims by the Democrats, and I demand that the White House correct this blatant disinformation.
5. Mrs. Pelosi makes a very harsh and misleading statement about the Healthcare Insurance companies, denouncing “the immoral profits being made by the insurance industry”. This statement was bolstered by President Obama, who remarked about the healthcare insurers making “record profits”. However, this is false. researched it and found that profits this year across the board are DOWN for Healthcare insurers. Please be sure to have Mrs. Pelosi and the President correct this in their statements.

These are but a few of the blatantly false and misleading statements made by Speaker Pelosi. This type of disinformation is poisoning the otherwise healthy debate on this vitally important issue. As a concerned citizen, I demand that you contact Mrs. Pelosi and have her review all of her published statements and make sure they accurately represent all of the known facts.

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