Monday, January 26, 2009

Abortion: Necessary for a better society

OK, so according to the media, and to many supposed “thinkers” today, abortion is “established policy”, with a long standing precedent since the Roe-v-Wade case.

Some feminists argue that “a fetus does not have a right to be in the womb of any woman, but is only in there by her permission. This permission may be revoked by the woman at any time.”

Abortion is not murder, because “a fetus is not a human being -- it is a potential human being, i.e. it is part of the woman.”

According to some of America’s brightest minds, “a fetus is merely a parasitical creature that uses the mother as its host.”

And, according to others, “let me say that from a pro-choice point of view, the status of the fetus is a peripheral issue. Regardless of whether a fetus is a human being or has rights, women will have abortions anyway, even if it means breaking the law or risking their lives. Even women who believe that abortion is murder have chosen to get abortions, and will continue to do so1.
That's why we should leave the decision up to women’s moral conscience, and make sure that they are provided with safe, legal, accessible abortions.”

So, there you have it, in a nutshell: A human fetus is not human; it’s just a collection of cells with the potential for becoming human, and resides in the mother’s womb by her choice, with its permission to be there revocable at any time. In fact, a fetus is a blood sucking little creature that is more akin to a parasite than a human being.

Conservatives, embrace reality. Abortion is here to stay. Breathe deeply. Exhale.
Isn’t science wonderful? With some scientists such as David Lovelock saying that billions of humans are going to die over the next century because global warming in “inevitable” and “irreversible”, I guess the value of human life has decreased significantly.

Oh, by the way, did you know that there are scientists claiming that there is a gay gene? Yeah, dig it, man. There is a gene that determines your sexuality. No choice involved. You either like people of the opposite sex or of the same sex because you were programmed that way. Interesting, right?

So I’m wondering: why not demand that the government make sure that all citizens have ready, cheap access to the test for gayness, so we will know right away if our sons and daughters are more likely to be queer?

And then, of course, we’ll just abort them.

Why would liberals be offended by this analysis? You know they will be, after all, they went ballistic when conservative Albert Mohler considered the moral dilemma of aborting gay fetuses.

What? What do you mean that’s offensive?

I’m not talking about killing actual gays! Because the fetus is not a person, it is not born yet, it has not had its first sexual experience, but it only has the potential for being a gay. So it’s not actually murder to kill it. And besides, it’s really just a parasite. Right?

I wonder what else has genetic implications.

You know, I might actually support the notion of a single-payer health system, if only all the personality types that would drive up cost excessively could be eliminated before they were insured. That’s a great idea!

Obesity. There appears to be an obesity gene. Well, that’s one way of fixing the obesity epidemic. Let’s abort the potentially fat fetuses.

Addiction. There is a genetic factor for addiction. We can get rid of gamblers, alcoholics, and drug addicts by killing them before they are even human. GREAT! We’re on a roll.

Clumsiness. Yep, scientists even say there may be a genetic connection to accident-prone people. Let’s call it the “Butter-finger gene”. And you know these no good slip-on-bananas, freeze-their-tongues-to-the-flagpole morons inevitably drive up the cost of good health care. That's why the Canadian system is so over-crowded.

Promiscuity. Well, I can’t find evidence that there is a “ho-gene”, but there is apparently a monogamy gene. People with this gene are far more likely to be faithful. So, logically, the ones without it will be slutty, and we all know that it was that personality trait that spread AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases around the world. So, here’s what you do: unless the worthless, parasitic fetus clearly shows that it is in possession of the monogamy gene, you abort it. Kill it now, before it spreads vaginal warts or breaks someone’s heart.

Slothfulness. Man, we’re working our way through the 7 deadly sins. Now there is a theory there is a lazy gene. And I have to agree with the liberals on this: lazy people really are like parasites. So let’s abort those no good sons of bitches right now, before they grow up to be habitual democrat voters demanding more entitlements!

Retardation. I mean, think of the money we'd save. No more short buses! No more retarded grocery sackers placing the eggs under the cans of beans. But then again, films like Radio and Forrest Gump would never be made.

Wymyn. Heck, why not? The Chinese do it. If the fetus is going to be a girl, just kill it. What the hell. What Dad wouldn’t rather have a son he can take out to shoot helpless animals? And since a lot of them grow up to be annoying Femi-Nazis and Code Pink activists, it would probably eliminate a lot of male irritation and make the world a more peaceful place.

Conclusion: SO, I wonder what would actually happen in this country if conservatives actually switched camps and began to promote the unlimited abortion of fetuses based upon tests showing that the fetus displays one of these traits?

How many potentially gay, fat, clumsy, slothful, promiscuous, druggy, wymyn fetuses have to get aborted before the Democrats change their tune?

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